Talent Cloud Team

The team behind the program is bringing a completely new way of working into the international business community. We have proven that we can be innovative, creative and we can design new ways of working in different industries and different fields, but with the same goal.

experts in their own respective fields

With us, you are in good hands.

Ina Kukovič Borovnik
CEO, Bela Voda
Brina Tomovič Kandare
Global PR manager
Nataša Mithans
Director, Vareo
Gašper Hren
Project Manager, Danfoss Trata
Mateja Panjan
Innovation, New ways of Working, Customer Engagement, Danfoss Trata
Ana Gabršček
HR Specialist, Juicy Marbles
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Talent Cloud is the first project that has, with its bold vision of free talent sharing, connected more than 20 companies.