A Daring Vision of an Unlimited Talent Sharing

A company applies to the TALENTcloud with a specific, defined challenge, which can vary from general, personnel, business and technical challenges. Usually, the company applies with a challenge, which has been troubling them for some time or they do not possess necessary competences, required to solve the challenge. It can be about either wishing to seek similar practices in other companies or testing an idea. However, the company will gain the most of the experience in exchange, if it presents a definite challenge with actual data and if the participation will be supported with a desire to develop something new.

TALENTcloud platform will also take care of finding an advisor for the challenge. The advisor is an individual, who works for another company, and it can respond to the challenge after it is made known. The advisor's company can work in the same or a different industry, however, the advisor has to have experience in the challenge's area. Experiences can be based on the advisor's own company which has already solved the challenge, or can be based on the advisor's either professional or personal experiences.

The pair will consist of two different companies (the one with the challenge and the advisor) and it will be joined by a caretaker of the pair. They will be overseeing the exchange and ensure its flow, only interferring if it will be deemed necessary.

The entire TALENTcloud consists of multiple Advisory Pairs. We are aspiring to follow a »you give-I give« principle. Meaning, if the company has two challeneges covered, which are solved by the professionals from two other companies, we aspire that the company, which is now being assisted by two professionals, also provides two advisors of their own on other challenges.

It is not mandatory for company A to cover company B's challenges and company B to cover company A's challenges. There are other companies participating in TALENTcloud and there are more opprotunities to cover inter-company challenges. Pictured below is an actual situation from a TALENTcloud 2019 pilot case.

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