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Sodelovanje med podjetji in ljudmi na drugačen način.
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Who is it meant for?

TALENTcloud is made for curious people. For those not defined by their age. For everyone who wants to try something new on their mission to become better professionals.

If you are looking for new ways to empower your team(s),  Talent Cloud is the place to be. Our main purpose is to match you with the right partner company so you can use their experience to solve your business challenges, implement your ideas faster, boost team engagement and satisfaction, and share your own good practices in the process.


How does it work?

TALENTcloud, by its daring vision of unlimited transfer of talents among the companies, realizes a vision of a close collaboration of a company's representatives, who solve another company's challenge with a clear goal on their minds: to find a solution, while learning from one another and co-create a better business space for both employees and companies. The results are actual solutions and the greatest precedence of the project is realizing that learning and knowledge transfer are transparent, selfless and always mutual.


Ana Furlani, Mlinotest

"Mlinotest responded to Talent Cloud's invitation primarily because  we share common values - in the spirit of collaboration. We firmly believe  that the path you walk in a company can be more interesting, richer and, most  of the time, easier. The project, which supports the exchange of good  experience, knowledge and business-to-business support, has been well  received among Mlinotesta members and we have learnt about good practices in  the areas of human resources and work organisation, packaging management and  process improvements in the area of documentation. We shared our experience  in the onboarding and recruitment segment, where we tried to design optimal  HR processes in a group of diverse companies. Some of the solutions we were  able to implement immediately, others helped us to explore and set the  groundwork for the further development of Mlinotest. In addition to the  practical and operational aspects of the project's benefits, it is also  important to highlight the newly established interpersonal contacts and  acquaintances, which enrich the social circle of all involved."

Nejka Grabnar, Numip

"TalentCloud was first and foremost a free exchange of good, working and relevant practices in companies and organisations. At Numip, we gained insight into similar companies and thus developed some of the concepts further in a shorter way with the help of TalentCloud. I recommend TalentCloud to those who are not afraid to share knowledge and practices in an innovative way, who want to expand their social network and gain insights into how things work elsewhere. Definitely a good investment of time to network, with constant monitoring by the TalentCloud expert team".

Aleksander Zalaznik, CEO Danfoss Trata

"TALENTCloud can be considered as an important turning point in new ways of working and collaborating. I believe TALENTcloud is offering a new employment model that will be very much relevant in the fast changing future.”

Anka Brus, Managing Director, Agitavit Solutions d.o.o.

"Knowledge and cooperation are Agitavit's key values. That's why we didn't think even for a moment when we were invited to participate in Talent Cloud. In solving individual challenges, we learn about the experiences of colleagues from other fields, which helps us better understand our customers. And above all, I find it very valuable to create lasting bonds with other participants."

Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva, Founder & Chief Reinvention Officer at Reinvention Academy

"The future of work is changing rapidly - and we have two options. Wait until it "happens" to us or actually design the future we want. The Cloud Talent project is a perfect example of companies being proactive in reinventing the future of work proactively and getting great results in the process.”

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