Talent Cloud 2021

In 2021 we had 14 companies and 66 employees working on 18 different challenges, 11 of them were of technical nature 3 managerial ones and 4 challenges that groups were working on.
April-July 2021
Agitavit Solutions, Amgen, AMZS,  Atlantic Grupa, Bayer, Bayer Croatia, Danfoss, Instrumentation Technologies, Novartis, Plastika Skaza, Roche, Siemens, Steklarna Hrastnik, Vareo
In 2021 we were very excited to also hosts guests from other countries not just Slovenia. This year majority of the projects were very technical and just 3 had a managerial focus. All of the challenges found consultants and excellent solutions to the problems presented.  List of challenges in 2021:
  • Automatic registration of refunds
  • Business model for hardware
  • How to build an effective marketing analytics and how to connect it with sales.
  • Clientele Custody: How to achieve all the employees will be responsible for company's sales
  • IT projects (intranet)
  • Effective capture of requirements and controlling them throughout the entire process of preparing solutions.
  • Introducing Intranet and AI technologies in production
  • Enforcing wholesome marketing analytics of communication channels.
  • Introducing matrix work system in organization
  • Development and cooperation among employees on various geographic locations (China, Slovenia...)
  • How to connect products into 'network': conquering production modernization market
  • Knowledges / wholesome concept for grading customers' satisfaction with company's services (general grade (annual), grading educational and other events...), result analysis, process of definition and implementation of improvements.


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